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Hair Transplant in Thailand: Questions You Need to Ask Your Surgeon

Like other cosmetic and medical surgeries, a hair transplant is a significant decision and needs a lot of thinking before committing to it. Besides costing a substantial amount of money, it also has a massive impact on your overall appearance.

Here are some questions you need to ask your surgeon before undergoing a hair transplant in Thailand according to PTT Thailand open.

Are You Certified by the Local Board of Plastic Surgery?

Before anything, your doctor must prove that they have the license to operate in Thailand. A valid permit shows that they have the right qualifications. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that you can hold them liable if anything wrong happens. 

How Much Experience Do You Have?

The more experienced a doctor is, the higher the chances of a successful procedure. That said, some newbies are promising as veterans.

Am I the Right Candidate for the Procedure?

Although it is possible to perform a transplant on people with severe hair loss, the perfect candidates are people with mild to moderate hair loss. This is because the transplanted follicles are sourced from donor sits that are still full of hair. 

What Results Can I Expect?

This question is particularly important because some people often have unrealistic goals when going for a hair transplant. For example, if your head is severely bald, do not expect a full and thick head of hair. After evaluating the extent of hair loss, the surgeon will let you how much you can restore.

Which Technique is Best for Me?

The two primary types of hair transplants are follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplant (FUT). While FUT takes shorter to time perform, it has longer recovery time and scars you.

How Long Will The Results Last?

The longevity of the effects of your hair transplants depends on several factors. For instance, the results will fade faster in older patients because the severity of hair loss increases with age. Another factor that affects the durability of results is the medications you take after surgery. If you take the right treatment, your results are likely to last longer compare to those who do not accept them.

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