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Propel Your Teaching Career to the Next Level By Teaching in an International School in Thailand

If you are looking to take the next step in your teaching career, it’s advisable to consider an international teaching role. Teaching in a foreign country will undoubtedly open new doors for you. This is especially true if you take an international teaching job in a diverse country such as Thailand. 

Here is how you can land a high-paying teaching job in an international school in Thailand, according to PTT Thailand Open.

Make Sure You Have the Required Qualifications 

Before submitting your application, it would be best to take the time to ensure you have met the required qualifications. Most international schools in Thailand will only employ you if you have the required degree and more than two years of experience. Additionally, you should have a perfect criminal record and a postgraduate certification. Finally, you might need additional qualifications if you plan to teach in a boarding school. 

Choose Your Preferred Teaching School

If you have these qualifications, you should look for teaching jobs immediately. Of course, you must think about the benefits and salary before choosing your preferred school. However, you should also consider the city you are interested in and the cost of living before making your final decision. You can find teaching jobs in Thailand by searching online or checking local advertisements. 

Complete Your Application 

After finding your dream job, it’s time to submit your application. Before that, make sure you proofread your CV and cover letter to correct any grammatical errors. Then, submit your CV and cover letter in PDF format or submit it in person. Don’t forget to address your letter to the school head. It’s also important to include references in your CV. 

Prepare for the Interview 

The interview might make or break your chances of working in a Thailand international school. That is why it is essential to prepare early. Start by researching the international schools you are applying to learn more about their values. Then, on the D-day, remember to wake up early and prepare yourself for the interview. 


Teaching in an international school in Thailand will give you the rare opportunity to impact the lives of your students positively while enriching your life with unique experiences.